About Us

Hi, I’m Ernie and I am a wine enthusiast. My passion is related to wine: tasting it, making it, and growing grapes. Sometimes people think this is all fun and games for me, but it’s my life passion and something that helps make the world go around (or at least my little part of it).

There are so many things to love about wine, but if I had to narrow it down, I would say that it’s the complexity and diversity of flavors that wine offers. There’s nothing quite like discovering a new varietal or flavor profile and exploring all that it has to offer. Wine is also a tremendous social beverage and can be enjoyed with friends and family. Whether you’re sipping on a glass of red wine or white wine, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

I started my blog to share my love of wine with others and help educate people about all things wine-related. I want to help people learn about the different types of wine, taste wine, and pair wine with food. I also want to share my experiences as a wine enthusiast and help people discover new wines that they might enjoy. Wine is a complex beverage, and there is so much to learn about it, so I hope to provide some helpful information and resources for people interested in learning more.

I hope my blog is an excellent resource for wine enthusiasts of all experience levels. You can find educational information about wine, tasting tips, and food pairing suggestions. I also love to share my own experiences as a wine enthusiast and offer helpful advice to readers looking to learn more about this complex beverage.

It’s a great experience working on my blog, and I hope you enjoy your time here. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments that you might have about wine, blogging, or anything else related to this website. Cheers!