The Best Wine For Oysters: Top 9 Pairing Choices

best wine for oysters

Do you love seafood? I certainly do, and one of my favorite dishes is oysters. There’s something about their salty taste and creamy texture that makes my taste buds sing. But what is the best wine for oysters? That’s a question that many people have trouble answering. This blog post will discuss the best wines to pair with oysters. So if you’re looking for some tips on how to enjoy your next seafood feast best, keep reading!

The Basics of Oyster And Wine Pairing

When choosing the best wine for oysters, you’ll want to consider the following factors:

  • The type of oyster you are eating
  • The flavor profile of the wine
  • The weight of the wine
  • The texture of the wine
  • The acidity of the wine
  • The tannin levels of the wine
  • The minerality of the wine

The best wines for oysters are those with high acidity and low tannins. You’ll also want to find a wine that has saline minerality, as this will further enhance the flavors of the oyster.

There are a few reasons why wine needs to have high acidity and low tannins when pairing with oysters.

  1. First of all, the high acidity will help cleanse your palate between bites of the oyster.
  2. Secondly, the low tannins will prevent the wine from overpowering the delicate flavors of the oyster.
  3. Finally, the saline minerality of the wine will enhance the oyster flavors. So if you’re looking for the perfect wine to pair with your next seafood feast, be sure to choose one that has high acidity and low tannins!

In addition, you should avoid wines that have too much tannin or sweetness, as these will overpower the flavors of the oyster. So if you’re looking for the best wine to pair with your next seafood feast, be sure to choose one that has high acidity and low tannins!

The best white wines to pair with oysters have a crisp acidity that will cut through the richness of the seafood. They should also have citrus, green apple, and white peach flavours.

Best Wine For Oysters Depending on What Kind of Oysters You Are Eating

There are a variety of oysters that you can enjoy, each with its unique flavor profile. Some of the most popular types of oysters include:

  • Pacific Oysters: These oysters are native to the West Coast of the United States and have a mild, salty flavor.
  • Kumamoto Oysters: These oysters are native to Japan and have a sweet, delicate flavor.
  • Atlantic Oysters: These oysters are native to the East Coast of the United States and have a robust, salty flavor.
  • European Flat Oysters: These oysters are native to Europe and have a smooth, buttery flavor.

When it comes to wine pairings, the best way to match an oyster with wine is by looking at its flavor profile.

For example, if you have Pacific or Kumamoto oysters, you should choose white wines such as Sauvignon Blancs or Chardonnays that are light and crisp.

If you’re eating Atlantic oysters, look for red wines with medium-bodied flavor profiles such as Pinot Noirs or Merlots.

Finally, if you’re eating European Flat oysters, then choose a full-bodied wine like Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah/Shiraz that has earthy notes of blackberry and dark chocolate flavors.

what wine goes with oysters

Tips How To Serve Wine With Oysters

Here are a few tips on how to best serve wine with oysters:

  • Serve the wine chilled
  • Serve the oysters on a plate of ice with lemon wedges and freshly ground black pepper.
  • Don’t use too much salt or vinegar, as this will overpower the flavor of your wine!
  • Serve the wine in a glass that is specifically designed for white wines
  • Avoid using stemware that is designed for red wines, as the tannins in the wine will react with the oysters and cause them to become rubbery
  • Pour the wine gently so that it doesn’t overpower the flavors of the oyster
  • Pour just enough wine for one glass of oyster at a time so that it doesn’t get too warm!

Best Wines to Try with Oysters

If you’re looking what wine goes with oysters, I hope the list below will help you choose the best wine for oysters.

California Brut Rosé

If you’re looking for what wine goes with oysters the best, a brut rosé from California is a great choice. This wine is made with red wine grapes, which gives it a rosy pink hue and fruit-forward notes of berry and stone fruit. It often boasts floral notes, making it the perfect complement to sweet oysters like Kumamotos.

Sauvignon Blanch

Sauvignon Blanc is a great wine to pair with oysters, as it has a crisp acidity that will cut through the richness of the seafood. It also has citrus, green apple, and white peach flavors to complement the oyster flavors.


Sancerre is a French wine made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes. It’s a complex white wine with fruit and spice notes and sometimes has a flinty edge. Sancerre is a great wine to enjoy with oysters, as the bright fruit flavors and spice will complement the briny oysters. It’s the perfect wine for an intimate oyster dinner.


Champagne with oysters is a classic pairing that is always a hit. The bubbly champagne provides a textural contrast against the smooth texture of oysters, while the yeast and bready flavors add some depth to the pairing.

Champagnes typically have a dry finish, which helps cleanse the palate between bites of oysters. This is a great wine choice for seafood lovers who want to impress their guests with something special.

Fino Sherry

Fino sherry is an excellent pair with oysters if you like dry and pale wine. With a light-bodied structure, this coastal wine has nutty characteristics with a slight sweetness. Fino Sherry pairs well with the salt brine and earthy tones of oysters.


If you’re looking to pair your next order of oysters with a glass of delicious wine, Chardonnay is a great option. Its creamy style pairs perfectly with fried or smoked oysters, making for a mouth-watering combination. So if you’re looking to impress your guests, be sure to choose Chardonnay as your wine of choice for oysters.

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is a light and refreshing wine that is one of the best wines for oysters. What makes oysters and Pinot Grigio a perfect match is their light body and lemony notes. When searching what Pinot Grigio wine goes with oysters, look for well-known Italian regions such as Lombardy, the Veneto, Friuli, Trentino, and Alto Adige.


With a high-acid yet bone-dry texture, a muscadet is ideal with oysters. Lime, apples, pears, and lemons are some of the green fruit notes in a muscadet. With this delicious wine, you won’t even need lemon juice.


If you’re looking for the best wine to pair with your oysters, try Chablis. Chablis is a Burgundy wine region known for its Chardonnay, and its white wines display notes of toasted hazelnut, almond, and yellow apple.

They’re dry, crisp, and bright expressions of Chardonnay with flavors of citrus, pear, mineral, and saline – perfect for complementing the salty flavors of oysters. Chablis, with its light and fruity character, complements and highlights oysters’ freshness.

wine with oysters


What flavors pair well with oysters?

When pairing wine with oysters, it’s best to stick with lighter wines with high acidity. This will help to balance out the richness of the oyster sauce. Some good options include Sauvignon Blanc, White Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, and Shiraz.

Do I need the most expensive wine bottle with oysters?

No, you don’t need to buy an expensive wine bottle to enjoy it with oysters. Most wines will pair well with oysters as long as they are dry and crisp. However, if you are looking for a specific wine to pair with your seafood dish, you may want to consider purchasing a bottle designed explicitly for oysters. This will help to ensure that the flavours of both the wine and the oyster sauce are not overpowered.

Can I drink sparkling wine with oysters?

Yes, you can drink sparkling wine with oysters. It’s a great option if you’re looking for something festive and celebratory to pair with your seafood feast. Just be sure that the sparkling wine is dry and not too sweet.

Can I drink red wine with oysters?

Yes, you can drink red wine with oysters. However, it’s essential to choose a red wine with high tannins. This will help to balance out the richness of the seafood dish. Some good options include Pinot Noir and Shiraz.

Should I drink my wine with oysters?

If you’re enjoying a seafood feast, it’s best to sip on your wine while you eat. This will help enhance the flavours of both the food and the wine.

How many glasses of wine per person for best wine for oysters?

It’s best not to drink more than two glasses of wine per person if you’re pairing it with food. This will help ensure that your body doesn’t become overwhelmed by the alcohol content in each glass and make sure everyone has a good time!

Does Pinot Grigio go with oysters?

Pinot Grigio is a dry white wine typically made from the Pinot Gris grape. This wine is light and refreshing, making it the perfect accompaniment for seafood dishes like oysters. Many people consider Pinot Grigio is the best wine to pair with oysters.

Final Words

A perfect pairing for oysters is best when the wine complements or enhances both the food and its sauce. In this post, we’ve provided a list of wines that work best with Pacific, Atlantic, European Flat Oyster varieties to help you find your best match.

Sparkling wine is an excellent option if you’re looking for something celebratory or festive to pair with seafood dishes like oysters! Remember not to overindulge, though – two glasses per person should be more than enough if you want an enjoyable dining experience.

And remember, no matter what kind of wine you choose, it’s always best served chilled, so make sure your guests know before they pour themselves their first glass. We hope these recommendations will help you find your best match!

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