Best Wineries In Oregon

Oregon is a veritable oasis for wine connoisseurs and casual sippers alike. With hundreds of wineries throughout the state, it can be hard to know where to start your tasting journey.

To help you navigate through Oregon’s vast vineyards, here’s our list of must-see wineries that will have you saying “Cheers!” in no time.

best wineries in oregon

From breathtaking views to award-winning vintages, these wineries offer something special for everyone who visits.

So grab a glass and get ready to explore some of Oregon’s finest!

TOP 10 Wineries In Oregon

1. Willamette Valley Wineries

Oregon is home to some of the best wineries in the US. If you’re looking for must-see locations, then Willamette Valley Wineries should be at the top of your list. The area has been producing world-class wines since the 1970s and continues to do so today.

The region encompasses numerous vineyards that produce a variety of white and red wines, including Pinot noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Syrah, Pinot gris, and Chenin blanc. Many of these excellent wines have won awards across the globe. It’s not just about quality either; they also come with a unique atmosphere too – lush forests provide serene views while tastings take place in charming tasting rooms surrounded by vineyard landscapes.

Willamette Valley wines are much more than just award winners – they create unforgettable experiences where visitors can learn about wine production firsthand and sample some truly incredible products. Whether you’re an experienced connoisseur or simply want to explore Oregon’s renowned viticulture scene, Willamette Valley Wineries will surely exceed all expectations! Onward to Yamhill-Carlton AVA Wineries now…

2. Yamhill-Carlton Ava Wineries

As the old saying goes, ‘When in Rome, do as Romans do’. When visiting Oregon’s wine country, one must include a visit to Yamhill-Carlton AVA wineries. This is an area of high-quality vineyards and exceptional wines that can’t be missed.

The Yamhill-Carlton AVA spans over more than 50 square miles near the northern part of Willamette Valley. It consists of rolling hills covered with forests and beautiful vistas alongside some of the most well known wineries in all of Oregon. The climate here supports many different varieties of grapes which makes it possible for winemakers to craft complex and interesting wines. Pinot Noir is by far the most popular variety grown in this region but there are also other varietals such as Syrah, Chardonnay, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that thrive here too.

Yamhill-Carlton AVA offers visitors a unique experience when compared to its neighboring appellations. Its cool climate allows for longer growing seasons which result in finely balanced wines with concentrated flavors. The combination of natural beauty found within the area along with its excellent selection of wines make it a must see destination for any oenophile looking for a memorable experience while exploring Oregon’s wine country.

From its stunning landscape to its wide array of quality wines, Yamhill-Carlton AVA has something special to offer everyone who visits. Whether you’re traveling solo or with friends & family, don’t pass up an opportunity to explore this amazing part of the world!

3. Dundee Hills Ava Wineries

Wow! Have you ever been to a place where the wineries are so breathtaking that they take your breath away? Well, if you’re looking for an amazing wine experience, look no further than the Dundee Hills AVA Wineries. Located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, these wineries offer some of the best wines and views around.

The winemaking process is one of beauty and artistry. From handpicking each grape to fermenting and aging with care, every step is taken with precision and passion. The result? Wines that taste like heaven on earth. In addition to their stellar selection of wines, many of these vineyards also have tasting rooms or guided tours available, making it easy for visitors to get a full appreciation of what makes this region special.

These wineries don’t just provide delicious vino – they represent something bigger: family-run businesses whose commitment to quality has made them world-renowned names in the industry. With awe-inspiring landscapes and unique stories behind every bottle, exploring the Dundee Hills AVA Wineries should be at the top of your list when visiting Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley. As we venture into Ribbon Ridge AVA Wineries next, prepare yourself for another unforgettable journey through Oregon’s viticultural history!

4. Ribbon Ridge Ava Wineries

It was as though the Ribbon Ridge AVAs were an oasis of lush greenery and rolling hills, a sanctuary for those seeking solace in nature. With its abundance of vineyards, this part of Oregon is truly a sight to behold – one that must be seen firsthand to fully appreciate its beauty.

Walking among the vines, it almost feels like you’re experiencing a piece of history: with their deep roots in winemaking culture dating back centuries, these wineries are likely some of the oldest in the region. Furthermore, many are family-owned businesses whose generations have kept up traditional practices and passed down knowledge from one generation to another. This creates an atmosphere where visitors can learn about and experience each winery’s unique story while tasting their wines alongside expert sommeliers and vintners alike.

In short, visiting the Ribbon Ridge AVA Wineries should definitely be on everyone’s list when exploring Oregon wine country; there’s something special here that will leave any visitor feeling inspired by the natural beauty around them and excited to explore more! Plus, they’ll get to savor some delicious wines along the way too! From majestic landscapes to tantalizing flavors, this area offers much for both connoisseurs and novices alike. As we move towards Chehalem Mountains AVAs next, let us take with us all that we’ve learned here today at Ribbon Ridge AVAs.

5. Chehalem Mountains Ava Wineries

Next on our list of must-see wineries in Oregon is the Chehalem Mountains AVA. This scenic region offers an unparalleled mix of rolling hills, lush vineyards and stunning views of nearby valleys – perfect for a romantic getaway or an afternoon outing with friends. Plus, these local wineries have earned some well deserved recognition:

1) Adelsheim Vineyard was one of the first to be established in the area and they’ve been making award winning wines since 1971!
2) Stoller Family Estate is known for its sustainable growing practices, which make their Pinot Noir stand out from all others.
3) Domaine Drouhin Oregon produces outstanding Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that are nothing short of extraordinary.
4) Trisaetum Winery has a spectacular tasting room surrounded by natural beauty where you can sample their delicious Rieslings and other varieties.

The Chehalem Mountains AVA provides visitors with truly unique experiences. From exploring picturesque vineyards to enjoying tastings at renowned wineries, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy. As if that wasn’t enough, this region also boasts world class restaurants serving up delectable dishes made with fresh ingredients sourced from local farms and markets. With so much to offer it’s no wonder why people come back time after time! Now let’s take a look at what the Eola-Amity Hills AVA has in store…

6. Eola-Amity Hills Ava Wineries

The Eola-Amity Hills AVA in Oregon is one of the oldest and most respected appellations for wine. The region encompasses over 20,000 acres of vineyards and has produced some incredible wines since its establishment in 2005. With more than 60 wineries to choose from here, it’s no surprise that this area is a must-see destination for oenophiles around the world.

From lush pinot noir to bright Riesling, Eola-Amity Hills offers something unique for every palate. The estate vineyards are carefully tended by passionate winemakers who strive to bring out the best flavors of each varietal through careful aging processes and blending techniques. Many of these wines have been recognized with prestigious awards at international competitions, making them sought after across the globe.

At Eola-Amity Hills you can find everything from small family run operations to larger commercial producers – all crafting top notch wines from grapes grown on site or sourced locally from other growers within the appellation boundaries. Whether you’re looking for an outstanding bottle for dinner tonight or a special gift for your favorite wine lover, there’s sure to be something perfect waiting among the many labels available here in Oregon’s beloved Eola-Amity Hills AVA.

7. Mcminnville Ava Wineries

The Mcminnville AVA wineries are some of the most popular and sought-after in Oregon. Situated in the heart of Willamette Valley, they offer a unique experience to visitors that blends both rural charm and modern sophistication. Here’s what you can expect when visiting:
1) Spectacular views – many of these wineries boast gorgeous vistas that allow visitors to truly appreciate the beauty of Oregon’s landscape.
2) Award-winning wines – with a variety of different styles, there’s something for every palate at Mcminnville AVA wineries. Many have won awards for their outstanding quality.
3) Experienced staff – from viticulturists to sommeliers, the knowledgeable staff members will ensure your visit is an unforgettable one!

No matter if it’s your first time trying wine or you’re an experienced connoisseur looking for new experiences, the Mcminnville AVA wineries offer something special. Whether you’re looking for a romantic tasting room or a lively atmosphere with friends, you’ll find it here. Plus, since many are family owned and operated, there’s plenty of local character too!

From breathtaking views to award-winning wines and friendly hospitality, Mcminnville AVA Wineries should not be missed on any trip to Oregon. As you head south into Umpqua Valley AVA region next, prepare yourself for yet another amazing journey through this beautiful state!

8. Umpqua Valley Ava Wineries

Have you ever wondered what wineries in Oregon are must-sees? There’s a lot of beauty to explore, and the Umpqua Valley AVA is no exception. Let’s take a look at some of the top spots for wine lovers looking for adventure!

The first stop on our list has to be Abacela Winery & Vineyards. They produce excellent wines from Tempranillo grapes, which is unique since most red wines grown in this region come from Pinot Noir vines. Their tasting room offers views of the surrounding valley that are simply breathtaking. Plus with its close proximity to Roseburg, it makes an easy day trip destination.

Next up is HillCrest Estate Winery, another popular choice among visitors. This family owned business produces some distinctive varietals using traditional methods like barrel fermentation and aging in oak barrels. They also have a lovely patio area where guests can sit back and enjoy their award winning wines while taking in spectacular views of the rolling hillsides nearby. Don’t forget to check out their gift shop too – they carry locally made items including artisan cheeses and olive oils.

For those looking for something extra special, there’s always Silvan Ridge Winery located just outside Eugene. Here they specialize in small lot production of handcrafted vintages such as Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon among others. Visitors will find plenty of amenities here like live music events during summer months, outdoor patios overlooking lush vineyards,and even private tastings available upon request – all adding up to an unforgettable experience!

And so we’ve seen just how vibrant the Umpqua Valley AVA really is when it comes to offering fantastic experiences for any wine lover exploring Oregon’s renowned viticulture country. From Abacela Winery & Vineyards and HillCrest Estate Winery to Silvan Ridge Winery – each one provides something truly special that should not be missed! Now let’s move onto Applegate Valley AVA wineries…

9. Applegate Valley Ava Wineries

Pouring through picturesque pinot noirs, the Applegate Valley AVA wineries offer an array of alluring adventures. From delightful degustations to tantalizing tastings, this region presents plentiful possibilities for a perfect day out in Oregon’s wine country. Here are three of the top must-see spots:

  1. Folin Cellars – This family-owned vineyard is renowned for its small production, award winning Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines that have been crafted with care since 2015. Enjoy a glass or two while soaking up stunning views from their outdoor patio space.
  2. Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden – With biodynamic farming practices at the heart of what they do, Cowhorn offers sustainably produced wines that showcase complexity and terroir expression. Taste some samples on the beautiful grounds before heading to their garden café for lunch made with local ingredients.
  3. Red Lily Vineyards – Established in 2001 by husband and wife duo Steve and Connie Vuylsteke, Red Lily has become one of the area’s most popular places to visit due to their elegant whites and lush red varietals as well as their complimentary cheese plate pairings offered during weekends throughout summertime months.

A haven for vinophiles seeking sensational sips, the Applegate Valley AVA promises remarkable experiences right here in Oregon’s wine territory. Next step? Rogue Valley AVA wineries!

10. Rogue Valley Ava Wineries

It may seem like Oregon’s wine offerings are limited, but that’s far from the truth. The Rogue Valley AVA is one of the most diverse and exciting winemaking regions in the state – a must-see for any wine lover.

The terrain here varies widely, with everything from steep slopes to flat land providing ideal conditions for growing different varieties of grapes. There are more than 40 vineyards spread across this area, making it easy to find great wines no matter your taste preferences. Plus, many of these wineries offer unique experiences like educational tours and tastings as well as music events and other special programming throughout the year.

In short, if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience exploring some of Oregon’s best wineries, look no further than the Rogue Valley AVA. It offers something for everyone: exceptional wines made by passionate vintners; breathtaking scenery; and plenty of activities to keep even the pickiest visitor entertained. So why not explore what this region has to offer? You won’t regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Oregon Wineries?

Visiting Oregon wineries is a must-do experience for any wine enthusiast. Whether you’re looking to sample the best Pinot Noir or just take in the breathtaking views, there’s something special about touring the vineyards of this lush region. So when should you plan your visit? Here are 4 key factors to consider:

1) Weather – Summer and early fall tend to be mild and dry, making them ideal times for exploring Oregon’s finest wineries. The temperatures remain comfortable throughout these months, so it’s easy to spend an afternoon tasting wines without getting overheated. You’ll also find that many wineries offer outdoor seating during these months as well.

2) Harvest Season – Late summer through early November marks harvest season at most locales across Oregon’s wine country, which offers unique opportunities for visitors. From grape stomping parties to guided tours of the harvesting process, it’s a great time to get up close and personal with the land and its bounty. Plus, there may even be some extra bottles of limited-edition vintages available!

3) Crowds – During peak tourist season (June through August), popular areas like Willamette Valley can become quite crowded due to their proximity to major cities such Portland and Eugene. If you want a more intimate experience with fewer crowds around, try visiting smaller townships like Carlton or McMinnville instead.

No matter what time of year you go, one thing is certain; experiencing Oregon’s vibrant wine culture will delight all your senses! With world-class varietals being produced by passionate people who love their craft, it won’t take long before you understand why this stunning area continues to captivate travelers from near and far alike.

Are There Any Special Discounts Or Deals Available At Oregon Wineries?

Oregon is home to some of the best wineries in America, and if you’re looking for special discounts or deals, you won’t be disappointed. Did you know that Oregon’s wine industry generates over $3 billion annually? That’s right – Oregon wineries create an impressive economic impact!

There are a variety of ways to save when visiting Oregon wineries. Many offer discounts on group tours and tastings, so if you go with friends, it could end up being quite economical. Some also have loyalty programs where members get access to exclusive events and even more savings. Additionally, many local restaurants partner with nearby wineries to give patrons discounts on bottles of wine purchased from them.

So no matter what your budget looks like, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy Oregon’s great wines at an affordable price. Plus, who doesn’t love getting a good deal? With all these options available in this glorious state, now may just be the perfect time to plan a visit to one (or several) of Oregon’s must-see wineries!

Are There Any Wine Tours Available In Oregon?

If you’re visiting Oregon, chances are that wine tasting is on your list of must-dos. And why wouldn’t it be? With its plethora of world class wineries, the region is a haven for oenophiles and connoisseurs alike. But where to start? Well, there’s no better way to explore the sights – or should we say sips – than with an organized tour!
Wine tours are becoming increasingly popular in Oregon’s vineyards; they provide a wonderful opportunity to take in some stunning scenery while learning more about local wines and their production processes. From small groups of friends looking for something special, to couples seeking out romantic experiences, these guided trips offer something for everyone. Whether you want to stick close by Portland or venture further up into the Willamette Valley wine country, there are plenty of options available.
On a typical tour, guests can expect to visit several different wineries over the course of the day and sample fine wines paired with delicious food along the way – all under expert guidance from knowledgeable guides who know exactly which spots will suit each individual group best. Plus, depending on availability at any given time, visitors may even have exclusive access to certain areas and facilities normally closed off to the public. So if you’re planning a trip to Oregon anytime soon, don’t miss out on this chance to get up close and personal with some incredible vino!

Are There Any Restaurants Or Bars Located At Oregon Wineries?

Oregon is a wine-lover’s paradise, with its array of wineries offering something for everyone. A visit to one of these establishments can be an unforgettable experience, made even more special by the restaurants and bars found at some of them, providing local delicacies and drinks that will tantalize your taste buds.

The culinary delights and tipple worthy selections presented at Oregon wineries are sure to leave you in awe; from iconic pinot noirs to exclusive rare wines – it’ll all make for a memorable night out! Here are just four reasons why exploring Oregon’s winery restaurants and bars should be on your list:

1) Sample award-winning vintages paired with locally sourced ingredients for a truly unique dining experience.
2) Enjoy spectacular views while sipping world-class wines produced right here in Oregon.
3) Take part in interactive events such as cooking classes or blending seminars – perfect if you’re looking to get creative.
4) Discover hidden gems off the beaten track that offer small plates featuring fresh produce grown right onsite.

These excellent opportunities provide an intimate atmosphere where conversations can flow freely over delectable dishes and fine wines – making it easy to see why visiting Oregon wineries could become a regular occurrence!

Are The Wineries Open To The Public For Tastings?

Oregon wineries are some of the best in the world, boasting a unique and diverse selection of wines. But if you’re looking to take your tasting experience up a notch, then visiting one of these must-see wineries is the way to go. So, let’s answer that burning question: Are the wineries open to the public for tastings?

The short answer is yes! Most Oregon wineries offer public tasting experiences with knowledgeable staff who can help guide visitors through their wine selections. From small family-owned vineyards to large corporate ones, there truly is something here for everyone. And while certain restrictions may be in place due to health and safety reasons, it’ll still be an enjoyable time exploring what each winery has to offer.

So don’t hesitate – book yourself a tour today and make memories that will last a lifetime! You won’t regret it; after all, nothing beats sipping on delicious Oregon wines surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. It’ll be an unforgettable experience like no other!


Visiting Oregon wineries is an experience like no other. With the perfect combination of stunning vineyard views, delicious wines and unique experiences, it’s a must-see for any wine lover. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or looking to relax with friends, there are plenty of amazing options in Oregon.

From big names to small family operations, you’ll find something that suits your tastes. Many wineries offer discounts and special deals throughout the year so be sure to take advantage of those when possible.

If a guided tour is more your style, there are several companies offering tours around the state as well. Finally, most wineries have restaurants or bars where you can enjoy lunch or dinner while tasting some of their best wines – talk about paradise!

So don’t wait any longer; plan your next visit now and discover all that Oregon’s wineries have to offer – it will be an unforgettable journey!

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